The new Velox chassis is called SK1 and was homologated by Severe Kart Racing with Cik Fia homologation n°85/CH/17, valid from 2012 to 2018 for the categories KZ1, KZ2, KF1, KF2, KF3, but also for Rok, Tag, Iame, Rotax Max, Rotax DD2.
SK1 is the result of a hard work of research, development, tests and data acquisition, which led to the creation of a very competitive and easy to use chassis, suitable for all people who love kart, whether professional or amateur riders who want to have fun with friends on Saturdays.
This new model, like its predecessor, continues to answer very well to all the slightest variations of set-up, combining excellent performances with simplicity of development. It also maintains, with new stub axles, a light and incisive front that allows a clean and efficient guidance.

Characteristics of the new Velox chassis:
The geometry of the chassis and the position of the seat have changed, in order to give more balance and a better behavior of the kart in each condition.
The supports of axle bearings have changed to offer more grip at the back, improving the curve entrance that appears more stable, but at the same time ensure fluency both in the distance and out of corners, where the traction is excellent. This enhanced behavior, compared to a base which in itself was already very good, is also due to research and use of new materials of the latest generation, which allow to obtain performances and ease of driving which were unbelievable years ago.
All this characteristics had direct evidence during the test sessions and are not merely the result of a project on paper or computer based. A proof are the favorable impressions of all those who had the opportunity to test a preview of the new chassis configuration SK1.
As we know the eye wants its part, so nothing is left to chance: all the components are branded VX (an acronym for Velox) and treated in every detail.
New graphics are also coming, with a color gradient from red to orange fluo and a renewed yellow.

News by Borghi Ilaria